Friday, February 25, 2011


Dear internet,
I love you.

It's only been a day since my last post. Interesting! So, last night, after Josh got home from work...I made a big chicken dinner, and we had company! After dinner I was in create mode..Josh & Nick busted out the Marvel Vs. Capcom while I made homemade doggie cookies made with peanut butter and pressed into a little mini skull form (they lost their shape a fair amount, but Dude & Scully don't mind at all!). Which they LOVED. After I made the babies something yummy, I made homemade maple cinnamon donuts served with vanilla frozen yogurt (Krystal & Tim made it just in time!). Holy smokes, the donuts were amazing!! Sooo amazing! Next I am going to attempt woopie pies (aka wookie pies)!! Ooo & Krystal dropped off my GIANT zombie head cookie jar (which is now full of those yummy peanut butter skulls!).
I can't believe how big the thing is, haha, but I adore it (It's hard to tell with the photo, but it literally fits on my head with plenty of

Tomorrow I will be working in the studio all day and then off to the Chicopee tube park to photograph a company get together. It should be fun, but cold :) So I am going to bust out my purple leopard print leggings and whatever other layers I can possibly throw together to keep cozy. I am dragging my sister Rae out with me for company.

Jeff & Josh are up in the attic jamming, and I love the way the music caries itself throughout t
he whole house. It gives me the
best feeling to hear the drums and guitar and Josh's amazing voice.

I really feel like I am home.
& I don't ever want to leave this place, this feeling and this love.

I am the luckiest girl.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't spend all your time and money, on syrup & honey. 'Cause i'm sweet enough.

Well, well, then.
Yet another day off of work :) I don't have too much time to update this blog on my work days, they are busy enough! Let me walk you through what we do every day!

Josh and I wake up at about 8 in the morning (6 days a week!), where he immediately likes to go sit on the couch to "wake up" haha. He always needs time in the morning, he moves slow at first! I usually let the pups out back first thing and put on a pot of coffee. We sit for about an hour together while slowly getting ready and chatting. Then it is go time! Josh drives to a city near by (about 30 minutes away) for work. He works for a smaller computer business doing IT and is the companies head of marketing. He likes his job and the people he works with. Myself, I leave shortly after he does to catch a bus, since we only have one car right now. I actually really don't mind the bus at all. I just pop in some head phones and smile at the early morning sunshine. When I get to work, I have to set up my studio. I am a photographer and I manage a portrait studio. I am lucky, and I get to work with children all day! I usually work by myself, since we have two other photographers who only work for me part time. I close up shop at about 7 in the evening, which is when Josh is just heading back into town. He picks me up and we are home by about 7:30 or 8ish in the evening. When we get home we cook a full dinner (no microwave meals for this family!). Then proceed to do various chill out kind of activities until we are ready for
sleep, which isn't usually until about 1 or 2 in the morning! This is our life on work days! We still manage to visit our closest friends and family about 4 or 6 times a week. We bring our pups along with us as much as we can, to be sure they have as much interaction as possible. Weekends and "Days off" are a whole other unpredictable story. I can't even begin to give you a daily view, since we are always up to something different.

SO! Today, my hubby is at work while I am at home alone. I was going to take a quick run uptown to check out this cute little boutique called Delerium (they specialize in more offbeat kind of styles), but the winter weather here is pretty persistent. It snowed a little more last night, so I am not sure if I am going to brave it yet. Instead, I will probably just veg. I have a few chores around the house that are still awaiting my attention, and the little fur babies are fast asleep. I've taken out a whole chicken for dinner and might bake something to pass the time! ALSO, we picked up the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops, which I am really excited about playing. So that will probably help me procrastinate, and push back the whole chore thing a little longer!

Last week, we celebrated Krystal's birthday! The big 26!!!! Yeah! It was fun and silly. We all had a little too much to drink and were a bit worse for wear the next morning! I got her some stretched canvas (she is an amazing painter, and we often have painting dates after work), some zebra printed photo frames and a cute little biker jacket. I also baked her some cupcakes with silly little hedgehog cut outs on top! It was fun times. See photo below! Birthday girl & I!

I also had my hair done! I am no longer a raven haired lady. Instead, I am red. It was the lightest they could go for me, for the first try. I am naturally baby blonde and had been dying my hair black for the last 7 years! I was fairly nervous about getting it done, thinking my hair would fall out or something silly like that. I love it though, the change. I am happy for something new! I feel like a different me :) a more confident, fresh me!

Another highlight of my week, I got a message from an old high school acquaintance. He is a web developer and graphic designer that has previously made me some beautiful business cards. Since I am internet challenged, he is going to help me build a professional site and make me some graphic oriented things (banners, signs, more cards...etc). I am so excited to work with him, he is VERY talented! He lives across the country now, so we will be corresponding via e-mail. I can't wait to get this going! Once it is ready, I will add a link to this site :)

Hmm..what else has happened since I wrote last.....I painted a big piano key painting and a big one with some jelly fish, and that was fun! I worked with the band a bit and wrote a couple keyboard bits for a couple songs. We got a new guitarist (well, a second guitarist I should say), so that is exciting too! Between hanging out with friends and family, I am not sure how much detail I can recall. It has been a very busy few weeks here!

I have decided, I am going to try to take my camera out with me more often. Every day is an adventure, so why not capture it? Well, we will see how long this lasts! haha! I am going to finish this up, drink my tea! Catch up on my favorite blogs and then get to cleaning.

Au Revoir!