Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here's to square pegs in round holes.

Hey look a fourth post! & no traffic! haha!! This is fun.I called in to work this morning, this cold is beating me up. Tomorrow my day is already fully booked and I will be working by myself, so I thought since I was feeling really crappy I would use a sick day. I hope I feel a little bit better tomorrow morning, so that my day isn't too crazy.

Since my house is clean, my hubby is gone, my dogs have been walked and it is still early! I am going to entertain myself via the magic land of the internet & lurk some blogs that I enjoy! AND make myself an egg sammi for breakfast, & maybe a second cup of that nice green/jasmine tea I just drank.

The life & times or a normal person! haha! Exciting right?

So this blog entry will act as my formal introduction.

*My name is Shara! I am a 25 year old girl from Ontario, Canada. I work full time as a photographer for a local studio, which I also manage. I do various other photography jobs as well, but the studio is my steady day job, which I happen to LOVE.

*I live in a wonderful house, close to downtown, with the love of my life Joshua! Everything with Josh started when I was about 17. He is one persistent dude. We have now been engaged for about 6 months of our relationship. We plan to wed in September 2012. Since that is a distant date, you will be reading more and more about my plans for the big she-bang.

*We have four little babies here as well; two cats-Sukura (or Suki for short) and Magellan (aka bikini man, since he is all black, but has these
hilarious triangular white spots-two across his chest, and one below the belt.). As well as our two dogs-Scully (yep, named after Dana Scully..she is the all black/brindle) and Dude (after a Jeff Bridges character we adore...the first picture, pooch with white).

*When I am not working, I love pursuing my own photography adventures for fun! I take a LOT of pictures.

*I love my long board. When the weather permits, Josh and I frequent the trails around here and there happens to be an old road (used as a connection between towns in war time) that has been paved and is used as a trail throughout the whole city.

*I love a good hot beverage...tea and coffee are my biggest vice(s).

*I like to read! I am in the middle of a great novel called Return of the Quetzacoatl by Daniel Pinchback. I love graphic novels more than anything and you can find me downtown at the comic shop on most of my days off. Jeff Lemiere is the most amazing author. I also REALLY love the work of Ashley Wood!! The Maxx RULES.

*I collect Star Wars memorabilia, because I am cool like that yo. I have a ton of goodies and am not ashamed of my insane NERDiness. I've got replica helmets & sabers, toys, blankets, clothes...etc. etc.

*I love when I emberass boys with a higher head shot count.

*My favorite food would have to be
sandwiches. Which I know sounds pretty vague, but stuff it between bread and I am there. Pancakes are a close second.

*I don't smoke cigarettes. I don't drink too much, but I will have a beer or two when I feel like it!

*I love to sew, paint and draw...and am not too good at any of them! ha.

*I have three sisters and a brother who rock the show. I also have three nephews who I love with all my heart! My mom & dad were never married, so I get a pretty kick ass step mum with the whole package too.

*I am fairly anti-social. Not on purpose, but again, I am boring and I stand out...we can just leave it at that! I do have a few people that I cherish! One being my best lady from high school, Krystal. We have been friends for years, she is my main girl. Or just my main partner in crime, in general!

*I like try to be a doting house wife. As silly as it sounds, there is this immense feeling of satisfaction knowing the one I love the most is taken care of :) Josh is the chef in our house! If I am cooking us a meal, it is because I have the day off work and am home before him. Which is seldom. He usually takes over or has it covered before I can even blink. He is awesome like that! Our friends love to come over for dinner, as much as possible, just to enjoy his crazy creations! For example, a whole chicken stuffed with a seasoned pork loin, seasoned under the skin of the chicken and then wrapped in bacon. SO. SO. SO. GOOD.

*I like to dabble in music. I say dabble, because I wouldn't really call myself a musician yet. I have been graciously accepted into From Lambs to Lions as their bassist. I play a little bit of piano and guitar too. My bass was a gift this past Christmas from Josh and I love it! He is for sure the master musician in this house! He is incredible.

*My favorite band is called Lucero. They are nothing like the rest of the music I listen to!

*I love tattoos, and have lots.

*I like educational programming, but have not had cable since I was 17! I am never know what is new, or on television on a daily basis, so I can not be included on such discussions. We do watch A LOT of movies though!
My favorite movies are; Episodes 4, 5 & 6 of Star Wars, The Big Lebowski, the Chumscrubber..and way more than I can think of right now! We are into Ricky Gervais at the moment, so we just finished the whole BBC Office series and are moving onto Extras, then we will watch the Ricky Gervais Show. Score for box sets :)

*I am happy with simplicity. The sun coming through the windows in the morning. The kettle going off. The warmth of my blanket. The insane amount of attention from my guy. My sleepy little puppies. Purring kittehs.

I know I am different, and stating a few facts off the top of my head, won't give too much away. You will just have to get to know me to understand :)

Everything about every day life makes me so in love.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rise & Rise again, until LAMBS BECOME LIONS.

Well, I guess it's been a while.

Today I had the day off work. Now, by that I mean, out of the studio...because I sure as heck did not sit on my butt all day. I got up with the man this morning to have coffee with him before he left. Afterward I began a day of chores. I cleaned the whole house, did countless loads of laundry, walked the pups, hung up the mandolin & ukulele, built a shelf to store our movies, etc. etc. Including a salmon dinner all by the time he got in from work.

I have had a sudden wave of inspiration. I just want to sew and cook and learn how to knit & just make a few random things. Maybe it's because I am finally organizing around here & feel relieved (as silly as that may sound). I have been getting through the cold days with thoughts of summer. I know it is a long ways away. I just can't wait! To hop on my long board & just ride downtown for a cup 'o joe. To go camping! & hopefully on a road trip out West. To fish all day. To hike with the puppies. For BBQ's & bonfires. For SHORTS & Dresses! & sooo much more! The most exciting thing I am looking forward to is gardening. My biggest goal and challenge this year is to build a large patch in our back yard to harvest some of our own food. We also want to build a fence to stop our little Dude from running through the bushes out into the street. We already have several mature fruit trees/bushes/vines which I am so excited for.

Which reminds me.....

I have been doing a few things around the house to make it more "ours". I hung up candid photo's of our families and friends to line the wall going upstairs. I am really happy with how much something so simple can make me feel the little twists of happiness every time I see them!
The day I after I put them up we went out to buy groceries. When we came home, as I was putting them away, my Mr. came over and thanked me. He is the sweetest, best guy, in the whole world! Honestly. Not just because he was saying thank you, I guess I should finish that...he said he was thankful that I make him feel like home. Like our life together is his home and is everything to him. He thanked me for always taking care of all of us. <3>

Can you tell I missed him? haha.

I caught myself thinking, about this blog today. About how I don't really talk about it, so the people I care about are not reading it, that much I know (since they have no way of knowing it exists). What I was really thinking about was, that maybe in the future, someone might want to get to know me & potentially, I may not be around. Like future children or something..which I know sounds 100% bonkers!! I thought, wouldn't this be the biggest surprise? To see how someone you might miss became who they were? To hear about how they grew to be the person you loved? Crazy right?

Maybe I am just trying too hard to justify my writing here. I don't know! haha! Whatever, I don't need a reason! It feels nice to have this secret little place where I can say anything I want!I have no intentions to please anyone, I write in this for my own purposes. My own outlet. My own place to say what I want, when I want and how I want. With no worries of who I may offend. My belief is writing forces you to organize your thoughts, which helps you to gain control over what is happening around you. It releases stress. AND to be honest, I really feel like I am boring! Most 25 year old girls are NOT at all As cheesy as it sounds, I am different. I have accepted it! Most girls my age probably don't want to have a conversation with me about crocheting or canning. Minus a few that I have picked up along the way :)

Onward ho!
We both have colds right now..icky. Night time is so uncomfortable when you aren't feeling well. I have to work at 9 tomorrow & it is 9:30'ish in the evening. The puppies are both sleeping on my legs while the boys are upstairs jamming their new From Lambs to Lions tunes. We are heading off to a birthday party shortly for my girlfriends fiancée (who happens to be good friends with my guy too!). Where we will probably talk about our up-coming weddings and will have to focus on not being anti social. I would love the opportunity to pass out as soon as possible. I am tired today...and I have a feeling it will be the re-occurring theme of my weekend, since I work both Saturday and Sunday (& every day after until next Friday).

I am excited for next weekend to come though! I am getting my hair done. Which again, I sound like such a crazy chick, but I am really nervous about! I am naturally blonde and have been dying my hair black for 8 years :S It is long and I want it to stay long! I know my hair stylist will try to force me to cut it. I just want to be back to blonde for my wedding. So I am starting the process as early as possible! I am going with Josh's mum, her gift to me! Which is so sweet of her. She is going to stay with me all day and get pampered herself.

I'll leave you with a photo!

I like the two instruments there...One of these days I am going to post my own home tour..since I love lurking so many on the internet! but we live in a super old house in the downtown core of our city. We have two music rooms, one is a space just for the drum kit and the other is more of a studio space, it is where we keep our Mac, mic, electric kit, midi keyboard, tons of guitars, various amps and all kinds of other music related stuff. We leave a few lying around other places in the house and I wanted to find ways of cleaning them up since we have them everywhere! You can even see the two poochies on the couch!